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Robert Wagner is an enrolled agent that has the edge over the part timers in the business. He can help with audits, garnishments and those nasty notices that people have received. Tax planning is an important part of finances these days… Call Robert at 702.564.1040 and start planning today.

The difference between a traditional corporation and an LLC.

By law, a corporation is a separate entity that has its own rights and responsibilities. In forming a corporation, potential shareholders offer money and/or property in exchange for stock.

Advantages of a corporation include limited liability for stockholders, unlimited life for the business, relative ease in raising capital, simple transfer of ownership through the sale of stock and tax-free benefits to the owner/employees.

Disadvantages of a corporation include complexity, limitations on activities by the corporate charter, extensive regulation and record-keeping rules, and double taxation, once on corporate profits and again on dividends… Read More

Corporate Tax Returns
In an effort to increase tax revenue, legislation continues to focus on corporations and partnerships. Current corporate and partnership tax laws have never been more confusing to prepare. Wagner & Associates Tax Solutions Inc. is experienced in preparation of tax returns for businesses. Whether you are a large, medium or small company, we can assist you with the preparation of your returns… Read More

Individual Tax Returns
Individual tax returns are filed using the tax form 1040. It can be filed by married couples or single individuals both with or without dependents. At Wagner and Associates Tax Solutions, our goal is to make filing your individual tax return as simple as possible while making sure you receive as much back as possible. We aim to provide the highest level of service while helping you to pay the least amount of taxes legally… Read More

IRS Audit Services
If you have received an IRS tax audit, you may be under a great deal of stress. Even if your taxes were filed accurately, you may still be wondering if you have anything to worry about. Wagner and Associates can assist you by providing accurate and effective IRS Audit Services. With our professional assistance, you will have complete peace of mind even in the event of a pending IRS tax audit… Read More

IRS Installment Negotiations
If you owe the IRS more money than you can pay right away, Wagner & Associates Tax Solutions Inc is here to help. Call us at (702) 564-1040 or make an appointment online right now. While payment (or installment) agreements aren’t bad, they may be your only choice. Since bankruptcy law changes mean that many taxpayers cannot get rid of their delinquent taxes in bankruptcy and because the IRS has made it much more difficult to get Offers in Compromise accept, payment agreements may be your only option. Over 72% of the Offer In Compromises are rejected nationally. Taxpayers are bombarded with this option in advertisements by companies that are looking to profit on the lack of knowledge by taxpayers… Read More

IRS Letter Resolution

What do you do when you get an IRS notice or letter?

First, stay calm. You will see a deadline in your IRS audit letter. Second call Wagner & Associates Tax Solutions and get in to see us right away. Some notices are extremely time sensitive. You will be given ample time to review the items being contested, obtain tax advice or help (if desired), and prepare your response… Read More

IRS Lien and Levy Release
The Enrolled Agents and tax professionals of Wagner & Associates Tax Solutions will help you understand your rights and how to use the tools that are available to you to reach a solution to your lien, levy or other tax problem. Our Enrolled Agents and tax professionals can help mitigate the consequences of aggressive IRS enforced collection action… Read More

Monthly Accounting Services

Books a Mess: No Problem!

If you own a small business and haven’t kept up your bookkeeping, don’t worry. We can help you. We’ll prepare your bookkeeping for the year, prepare a full Schedule C, as well as your personal income tax return. Then we’ll help you set up an easy system that allows you to keep your books in tip-top shape next year… Read More

Offer In Compromise (IRS Settlement Offer)
For many people who are struggling financially, their tax debt can prove to be overwhelming and burdensome. To address these concerns, in 2012 the IRS maintained its Offer in Compromise program which allowed those with tax debt to settle it for less than the full amount owed. By gaining a full comprehension of the OIC IRS Settlement Offer program, you will be better informed about the choices available to you… Read More

Short Sale Consultations
When you come to the tough decision to short sale or foreclose your home working with Wagner & Associates Tax Solutions Inc will help prevent the wound the IRS would inflict by trying to collect massive amounts of tax from your family. Losing a home is hard enough and add the IRS implications it can be the one scariest thing your family will face in today’s complex tax world. Wagner & Associates Tax Solutions have Enrolled Agents and tax professionals who understand and don’t judge anyone who comes in for help. Call Wagner & Associates Tax Solutions at (702) 564-1040 or make an appointment 24 hours a day on the appointment tab at the top of this page if you find your family in this situation… Read More

Wage Garnishment
Are you suffering from or concerned about wage garnishment from an IRS levy?

We can help put a stop to wage garnishments.

The national average for an IRS Wage Levy is 80% to 85% of the net pay. So if your take-home pay on your paycheck is usually $1,000, it would suddenly become $150 to $200. Try living on that kind of paycheck for a few months. Even one or two drastically reduced paychecks can break you. That’s why we’re in this business, helping people get out of trouble with the IRS. We have found that we have a unique skill and ability to get those IRS Wage Garnishments released very quickly… Read More